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Oklahoma State University


Dr. Abdolvand Wins Grant from NSF

Dr. Abdolvand was recently awarded a $254K grant from the National Science Foundation for three years. The objective of the proposed research is to significantly advance the field of MEMS bulk lateral-mode filters by putting forward innovative solutions that tackle the issues hindering widespread deployment of such filters, such as high insertion loss, extreme low-power handling, and limited bandwidth.

Dr. Stine Receives National Science Foundation Awards

Professor James Stine was recently awarded a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation for a total of $890k along University of California Santa Cruz to build a memory compiler framework for Random-Access Memories (RAMs). Most academic Integrated Circuit (IC) design methodologies are inhibited by the availability of memories since commercially available memory compilers are often black box, not modifiable, and have limited available memory configurations.

ECE faculty members in the most recent IMPACT magazine

The most recent magazine Impact is now available online. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty members Dr. Rama Ramakumar, Dr. Reza Abdolvand and Dr. Weihua Sheng are featured on page 22, page 28 and page 30 respectively.

Terahertz metamaterials research receives a new award from National Science Foundation

Professor Weili Zhang and Professor John O'Hara (Co-Pi) were recently awarded total $490K along with the Northwestern collaborator from the National Science Foundation to carry out investigations of three-dimensional metamaterials functioning at terahertz frequencies.